Friday, June 12, 2009

First Shampoo and Advice about antibiotics

What's up everyone. Thanks again for visiting my blog. Well today marked one week from my first day of my Sisterlock Installation, so I decided to keep my regular schedule and wash once a week. I already noticed about 2 locs slipping at the nap of my neck. I'm very concerned because my hair is so fine and with a very loose wave pattern, especially at the nap of my neck. I don't have a typical kitchen. My natural hair still looks like I have a perm in the back, but I haven't in about 10 or 11 months. You get the picture, I hope. But anyway, I'm concerned and wonder will the nap of my neck every lock correctly. Any Advice???? Now on with the shampooing . . .

I took my consultants advice and didn't braid, but I did gather together sections and I banded. PICTURES OF SHAMPOOING TO COME IN A FEW DAYS. I washed my hair during my shower. I was surprised to see how thin the Sisterlocks Starter Shampoo is, but I like it. I made sure my hair was super wet, then I poured a generous amount of shampoo on and lightly massaged my scalp. I did this twice and made sure to rinse very well. I also made sure my shower head pressure was light. After shampooing, I lightly towel dried and begin taking out the bands and separating each individual lock. I attempted to count them, but I'll save that task for another day.

Remember again, that my hair texture is super fine and has a loose wave pattern. This will definitely be a challenge for me. I noticed while separating my locks that about 3 or 4 totally came out. I already called my consultant and let her know that I would stop by tomorrow so she can redo those few that disassembled and those that are slipping. I can only try to be more careful in the future, but the fact still remains that I should expect some slippage because of my hair texture. Either way, I'm still very exicited and my locs still look beautiful to me. This is all part of the process. More to come later.


My interesting tip for today is lay off of the antibiotics!!! I learned in class on Thursday that even though antibiotics can help get rid of infections and such very rapidly, they decrease your body's natural ability to fight infection and weakens the immune system, which can make you more vulnerable to future infections. The best thing to do is to boost your Vitamin C intake, get proper rest, exercise, drink plenty of water and other fluids and allow your body to do what it was created to do . . .HEAL. Now please understand, that if it is a life and death situation, follow your doctor's orders, but in less significant infections like a Urinary Tract Infections, let nature take it's course. My belief is that God has already given us everything we need right here on earth in our food, our botanicals, our talents and etc . . . We don't have to go create anything. Just educate yourself on natural remedies and allow yourself to heal the way God intended.

Like always, Be Blessed and Stay Encouraged . . .until next time.

Trastine aka Natural Spirit


  1. Your sls look beautiful on you. I was locked on 15 May. I've diluted my starter shampoo and put it in a spray bottle. It has been working very well for me. I use a very diluted version of Nizoral shampoo first (I have psoriasis), and then I use the diluted sl shampoo. I find that I like it in the spray bottle... I can direct it to a certain place and feel it hitting the scalp. God Bless you in your journey.

  2. Hi there, as deewolfie says your SLs are looking great. I got locked on April 27th and have a finer texture to my hair (but maybe not as fine as yours from the sounds of it!!) - I am just wondering why your consultant advised NOT to braid ie to band only?

    I find that if I don't braid them - I have more slippage, but I'm keen to find out more from you (because really and truly, braiding and banding is a real pain!!)

  3. Trust me, especially considering that your hair texture is soft, you are going to have to be even more patient than someone starting out who has a tighter coil to their texture. The locks at the sides and the very nape will always slip or have to be combined. Heck you may even lose one or two in those areas later down. It's normal for everyone and more so persons with your hair texture. Like I said, just be patient and it will all come together. They look great though. Keep it up!

  4. your locks look great I have been locked a year and in some areas have major slippage, have you ever thought about not washing so frequently until your locks settle and I hated the Sisterlock shampoo so I switched to a "locking shampoo" from dread head hq, good luck to you and welcome to the SL family

  5. Thanks for the compliments and all the helpful info ladies.

    To Bajan Lily: my consultant said that braiding wasn't necessary as long as you banded and also that some people find that it makes it harder to wash. She pretty much left it as a choice for me; I think I might try it at least once to see if braiding will decrease my slippage while I wash. I'll keep you all posted.

    To Chinue: Thanks for the advice. I've already had some totally come loose, but you are definitely right about the patience. I will be patience since I know my end result will be marvelous.

    To Euphoria: I have considered not washing so often; maybe every 2 weeks, but I'm concerned since I have some areas of dry scalp in the front. I may try once to lay off for two weeks and see what happens.

    Again thanks for the advice and comments. Until next time . . .

  6. Congratulations on your SL's! And they look absolutely adorable on you. I'm surprised to hear that your consultant told you that you didn't have to braid your hair up. I thought that was the cardinal rule!

    My texture is much coiler than yours but I experience slippage around my nape as well as in the front I think its where most of my hair is pulled and tugged when styling.

    Although I've only been locked for 4 months I am going to abandon the SL starter shampoo and I'm going to try the Jamaican Mango and Lime shampoo to see if I experience less slipagge and a cleaner feeling.

  7. ITA with the antibiotics. We really need to get back to natural herbs and remedies for healing. I love homeopathy and encourage folk to research it to find out what remedies exist for common ailments.

    If you are having to have triple antibiotics to fight off infections, thats a good sign that you are overdosing on antibiotics.