Sunday, June 7, 2009

Well, the transformation has finally happened. I have been Sisterlocked for life and lovin it!!! How I got here is similar to many other Sisterlocked women. My hair went through many styles and stages . . .I've worn the Jerri Curl, I've had short hair, long hair, relaxed hair, weaves, wigs, and of course braids. Here are some examples. . .

After my son was born in July 2007, my hair was well below my shoulders, then hormones kicked in. My hair begin to shed like crazy and I was never satisfied with my styling options. This was my crossroads!!! I then made up my mind that something had to change about my hair. I decided to stop perming my hair and find ways to go natural. Research of natural hair on the web brought me to the Sisterlocks website. I always thought about doing locs, but was never quite sure if it was for me. I was also concerned about them looking neat and having versatility. I researched it and came across several educational blogs from Sisterlock wearers. I was sold!!!!

For my transitioning to natural hair, I began wearing braids consistently for about 9 months. Between each batch of braids, I would cut off about 2 inches or so of hair myself. I considered keeping the permed hair on the ends to keep some length at first, but I said to myself, that this journey was about accepting the beauty of myself the way God intended. I was not going to dare keep the very thing on my head that was bring me so much frustration. I said if I'm going to do the whole hair transformation, I'm going to go all the way, so then came my BIG CHOP. I was convinced and ready to go totally natural. I washed my hair and cut off all of the permed, straight ends while my hair was wet (since it was easier to see the texture differences). I cut off about 3-4 inches of hair during the BIG CHOP and a total of about 7-8 inches over the 9 month transitioning period. WOW!!!!! I rocked an afro for about a month and enjoyed it. Here is a pic of me and my afro.

Now the time has come for my Sisterlocks. I first had to narrow down the right consultant. After a few phone calls and some consultations, I finally found my great Sisterlock consultant, Amba. She is an absolute God send. Check her out at Amba and all of the wonderful Sisterlocks bloggers inspired me to do the same, and share my experience. My consultation was on May 23, 2009 and I also set my installation appointment that day for June 5th and 6th. Until installation, I was so exicited and nervous at the same time about this major life changing experience. . .and now the time has finally come. Here are my Sisterlock stats:

My washed and air dried hair the night before Installation

  • I started with about 3-4 inches of hair
  • Installation time was about 16 1/2 hrs over two days
  • I recieved the Reverse 4 locking pattern for fine hair with a loose wave pattern
  • My Sisterlock Birthday is June 6, 2009
  • And TA DA . . .here is the final result!

I am officially Sisterlocked and loving every minute of it. Here is a final picture of me and my Sisterlocks on Day one. Come along this journey with me while learning about Health, Wellness and Daily Spiritual Renewal at the same time. Well, my friends, until next time. God bless and be encouraged!!!


  1. Hey Tra!

    Thanks for sharing this experience with us. I am going to really enjoy reading your blog and following your sister locked for life journey as well.

    I am still one holding on to the permed ends and transitioning slowly but surely. I too am cutting off some inches along the way to speed things along. One thing I can say is my fear of having unmanageable hair could not be farther from the reality of what I have in my natural hair. Its difficult dealing with two textures, but for now its okay. I am just happy to be chemical free.

  2. Welcome and what a great job of a first posting. I'll be "following" you. It's a real pleasure having you as a client

  3. Hi Trastine! Thank you for sharing your journey. I am very excited for you and love the fact that you are stepping out on faith in pursuit of your own business. Congratulations on your Sisterlocks and your journey of life thus far.

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone. I will try to do weekly post, at least. I'm excited to share, especially if it will help or inspire someone to do something great. By the way, I'm still lovin it!

  5. Lovely!!!!! Amba did a great job on your locks!!!!!

  6. Welcome, be patient, and enjoy! I look forward to following your journey. ;)

  7. Your locs are very nice! I finished chemo on 12/31/08 and have decided to avoid chemicals at all costs. I'm hoping that by September (my birthday), that I can get Sisterlocks. I'll be following your blog, which is great by the way! Also, since I'm in Atlanta, now I have a link to a consultant when I'm ready!

  8. Thanks for the welcome. I'm excitied to be apart of this community. I'm looking forward to learning a lot about myself and others.

  9. Evie, thanks for the compliment and congratulations on finishing Chemo. My birthday is September 16th. September babies are very special. I hope to keep in touch. Amba is a great consultant; saved, down to earth and just a very sweet and hard working woman of God. I'm excited about your journey, too. Thanks again.

  10. Trastine, you are beautiful as always. Thank you for sharing your experience. Some of us are not as far along in the process and are still looking for a better solution to easy hair management than the relaxer. You are an inspiration! ~Gena

  11. Tra,
    Welcome to the journey...and coincidentally we were both locked on the same day. My journey started on 6/5 and was completed on 6/6 after 20 hours!!!
    We also share the same type of hair...mine is also thin and fine and my loctician used a reverse 4 pattern on me.
    All is well thus the journey and love watching my locks change.
    Please keep the updates coming!!!