Friday, November 13, 2009

Living Life to it's faithfulness!

Hi All,
I was sitting here thinking the other day how satisfied I am with my life right now. No, I don't have everything that I want, but I have everything that I need. I have learned to live my life to the fullest by living by Faith. I got out of the military a year ago to go to school, be a stay at home mommie, change careers and start a business ALL BY FAITH! Some may call it a risk, but to me when you risk something, you don't know where you will end up and can loose everything--when you live by faith, you know that you are in the hands of God and that nothing will harm or destroy you as long as you are with him. Things may not go the way you wanted it, but you can have faith in knowing that all things will work together for them that are called according to God's purpose.

I encourage you all, whether it is making a business decision, a life-changing decision (like my hair for me) , or living life day by it by faith. It is the only definite way to success! Live life to it's faithfulness! God bless until next and always explore things natural--the way God intended!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Catching up and New Business Announcement!

Hello All,
It has been awhile since I posted last, so I must first apologize. I will try to be more consistent. Maybe if I tell you all what has been going on, you will forgive me. :0) Now....what has happened since we last talked.

I am about to celebrate my 5 month sisterlock how time flies. The good news is first, no more flakes...YEAH!!!! At about month 4, I realized I wasn't going crazy scratching my hair and watching the build-up of flakes. My consultant, Amba also suggested that I start using Arbonne's Intelligence shampoo with Tea Tree Oil, and it works miracles. I've stopped using the Sisterlock Starter shampoo and now wash once every 2 weeks with the Arbonne shampoo. I am very satisfied with the results.

More great news is that I have very few, if any at all, totally loose locks and slippage. My locs are staying in place and in the "fuzzy" stage of locking. I even have a few that have locked towards the back crown of my hair. It shouldn't be too long now, but I am enjoying the journey.

Lastly, my retightnings have gone from every 2 weeks to every 6 weeks and now last only 3 hours opposed to 5-7 hrs. My sisterlock life is very good right now. The pictures above are recent pictures to give you an idea of the growth and filling out of my locs. My natural shine is still present and I am still wearing it "freestyle."

Well, what else has kept me so busy you asked? I completed school and graduated on Sept 6, 2009 and am now a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Neuromuscular Therapist. God is so good and the next chapter of my life has begun. I have just opened my business this month and have included the information below. If you are in the Atlanta area, call and set an appointment so I can bless you with what God has blessed me with! If you are not in the area, feel free to pass my new business info on to others that are in the area.


Specializing in relaxation, injuries, postural alignment, neck, back & shoulder pain, nutritional supplements and fitness coaching

Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Neuromuscular Therapist

Serving Clients in TWO locations:
Massage Envy in Austell, GA
Douglasville Therapeutic Massage

*Outcalls and events also done for an additional fee

Prices ranging from $40.00 to $120.00


Trastine L. Saxby, Owner
Phone: 678-953-2731
Until next time.......God Bless and be Healthy and Well!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Patience is Everything!!!!

Hi All,

It's me again. I am now at week 6 of being Sisterlocked and still lovin it. I had my first follow-up visit on July 1st. I had a lot of slippage and loose locks, so it took about 5 hrs to get me back up and running again. It wasn't looking bad or anything, just needed some loving attention. That's the great thing about Sisterlocks, you never really have a bad hair day. My consultant and I decided that I needed to start coming about every 2 weeks for now to combat the slippage and loose locs. My patience is really being tested with this process, but I can't complain. Patience is a virtue, right?!?

I finally counted my locs during my last shampoo . . .and the verdict is . . . 371 locs. I thought I had more than that, but that is more than enough! My current challenge besides my slippage and loose locs, is my dry scalp. I want to vigorously shampoo soooo bad, but I'm being creative and doing a lot of "dusting" or "shaking" my dry hair instead. It's working, so I'll stick to it. I have started using my dandruff shampoo (Neutrogena T-gel) for my first wash and my sisterlocks shampoo for my 2nd. So far, so good. My hair is definitely growing and getting fuller. More pics to come at my 2 month anniversary.

Six weeks of class left and seven weeks until graduation . . .YEAH!!!!!! I will also be one of the selected speakers at the ceremony. What an honor! Patience has definitely been a virtue during this process. For those that didn't know, I am in school for Massage Therapy after serving in the Air Force for almost 9 years. It has always been a dream of mine that in 7 weeks becomes a reality. I'm not talkin about any kind of massage here; I will be certified in Swedish, Sports and my favorite, Neuromuscular Therapy. I'll be as good as the best Chiropractor when it comes to fixing postural distorments and giving pain relief. This is life changing stuff! I don't want to just make people "feel good", but I want to contribute to "healing" and "long-term pain relief"; Neuromuscular is the answer, so if you are reading this and in the Atlanta area, holla at me. My business contact info is on the right side of my blog.

In conclusion, I want to say thanks to all of you for your support. I especially want to say thanks to those who inspired me to blog and those who I inspired to blog. KEEP ON KEEPING ON!


If you ever have chest pains that make you feel as if you are having a heart attack and go to the Doctor and find out that nothing is wrong; consider seeing a neuromuscular therapist--It could very well be Pectoralis Muscle Pain!!!!!!

God Bless and Be Encouraged!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hi Everyone,
I'm finally back with some pictures of my first shampoo and some updated pictures of my 2 week old SLs. I have washed my hair twice in 2 weeks, staying with my regular routine. I have that routine because I have dry scalp and absolutely don't want the "flakes" in my beautiful SLs . . .so far so good. During my second shampoo, I experienced some more slippage with about 4-6 locs and some that totally became undone (about 4 locs). I'm staying patient and inspite of the slippage and undone locs, still enjoying them. I have to remind myself that slippage is expected. I guess it doesn't seems as such a big deal since my hair is thin and blends in with the other locs even without being locked. I do think I will try braiding and banding for my next shampoo to see if I get less undone locs and slippage for the end result. I also notice my hair settling in and growing already. In about 2 more weeks, I will be going for my official follow-up appointment and semi-retightening. Notice the texture in some of the pics. Just imagine . . .I would have never known the joys of my beautiful and unique hair texture had I continued putting that creamy crack in my hair when I didn't need it. Thank God for natural beauty and what he created in me and so many others.




Until next time . . . . as always Be Blessed and Be Encouraged!!!!!

Trastine aka Natural Spirit

Friday, June 12, 2009

First Shampoo and Advice about antibiotics

What's up everyone. Thanks again for visiting my blog. Well today marked one week from my first day of my Sisterlock Installation, so I decided to keep my regular schedule and wash once a week. I already noticed about 2 locs slipping at the nap of my neck. I'm very concerned because my hair is so fine and with a very loose wave pattern, especially at the nap of my neck. I don't have a typical kitchen. My natural hair still looks like I have a perm in the back, but I haven't in about 10 or 11 months. You get the picture, I hope. But anyway, I'm concerned and wonder will the nap of my neck every lock correctly. Any Advice???? Now on with the shampooing . . .

I took my consultants advice and didn't braid, but I did gather together sections and I banded. PICTURES OF SHAMPOOING TO COME IN A FEW DAYS. I washed my hair during my shower. I was surprised to see how thin the Sisterlocks Starter Shampoo is, but I like it. I made sure my hair was super wet, then I poured a generous amount of shampoo on and lightly massaged my scalp. I did this twice and made sure to rinse very well. I also made sure my shower head pressure was light. After shampooing, I lightly towel dried and begin taking out the bands and separating each individual lock. I attempted to count them, but I'll save that task for another day.

Remember again, that my hair texture is super fine and has a loose wave pattern. This will definitely be a challenge for me. I noticed while separating my locks that about 3 or 4 totally came out. I already called my consultant and let her know that I would stop by tomorrow so she can redo those few that disassembled and those that are slipping. I can only try to be more careful in the future, but the fact still remains that I should expect some slippage because of my hair texture. Either way, I'm still very exicited and my locs still look beautiful to me. This is all part of the process. More to come later.


My interesting tip for today is lay off of the antibiotics!!! I learned in class on Thursday that even though antibiotics can help get rid of infections and such very rapidly, they decrease your body's natural ability to fight infection and weakens the immune system, which can make you more vulnerable to future infections. The best thing to do is to boost your Vitamin C intake, get proper rest, exercise, drink plenty of water and other fluids and allow your body to do what it was created to do . . .HEAL. Now please understand, that if it is a life and death situation, follow your doctor's orders, but in less significant infections like a Urinary Tract Infections, let nature take it's course. My belief is that God has already given us everything we need right here on earth in our food, our botanicals, our talents and etc . . . We don't have to go create anything. Just educate yourself on natural remedies and allow yourself to heal the way God intended.

Like always, Be Blessed and Stay Encouraged . . .until next time.

Trastine aka Natural Spirit

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Well, the transformation has finally happened. I have been Sisterlocked for life and lovin it!!! How I got here is similar to many other Sisterlocked women. My hair went through many styles and stages . . .I've worn the Jerri Curl, I've had short hair, long hair, relaxed hair, weaves, wigs, and of course braids. Here are some examples. . .

After my son was born in July 2007, my hair was well below my shoulders, then hormones kicked in. My hair begin to shed like crazy and I was never satisfied with my styling options. This was my crossroads!!! I then made up my mind that something had to change about my hair. I decided to stop perming my hair and find ways to go natural. Research of natural hair on the web brought me to the Sisterlocks website. I always thought about doing locs, but was never quite sure if it was for me. I was also concerned about them looking neat and having versatility. I researched it and came across several educational blogs from Sisterlock wearers. I was sold!!!!

For my transitioning to natural hair, I began wearing braids consistently for about 9 months. Between each batch of braids, I would cut off about 2 inches or so of hair myself. I considered keeping the permed hair on the ends to keep some length at first, but I said to myself, that this journey was about accepting the beauty of myself the way God intended. I was not going to dare keep the very thing on my head that was bring me so much frustration. I said if I'm going to do the whole hair transformation, I'm going to go all the way, so then came my BIG CHOP. I was convinced and ready to go totally natural. I washed my hair and cut off all of the permed, straight ends while my hair was wet (since it was easier to see the texture differences). I cut off about 3-4 inches of hair during the BIG CHOP and a total of about 7-8 inches over the 9 month transitioning period. WOW!!!!! I rocked an afro for about a month and enjoyed it. Here is a pic of me and my afro.

Now the time has come for my Sisterlocks. I first had to narrow down the right consultant. After a few phone calls and some consultations, I finally found my great Sisterlock consultant, Amba. She is an absolute God send. Check her out at Amba and all of the wonderful Sisterlocks bloggers inspired me to do the same, and share my experience. My consultation was on May 23, 2009 and I also set my installation appointment that day for June 5th and 6th. Until installation, I was so exicited and nervous at the same time about this major life changing experience. . .and now the time has finally come. Here are my Sisterlock stats:

My washed and air dried hair the night before Installation

  • I started with about 3-4 inches of hair
  • Installation time was about 16 1/2 hrs over two days
  • I recieved the Reverse 4 locking pattern for fine hair with a loose wave pattern
  • My Sisterlock Birthday is June 6, 2009
  • And TA DA . . .here is the final result!

I am officially Sisterlocked and loving every minute of it. Here is a final picture of me and my Sisterlocks on Day one. Come along this journey with me while learning about Health, Wellness and Daily Spiritual Renewal at the same time. Well, my friends, until next time. God bless and be encouraged!!!